What's included?

One-to-one guidance

You’ll have access to the Gymglish team, who’ll be on hand to guide you through to process of creating and marketing your course. So if you have question, you can take advantage of the knowledge of people who’ve been there and done that.

Course creator

A simple online editing tool to help you plan and create your course. It also includes step-by-step training, a user guide, and will teach you about the artificial intelligence that underpins our course delivery. The Alpha version of the Gymglish Studio will be available in 2018.

Admin manager

A user-friendly interface created to help with your admin. Here you can supervise users, manage partners, B2B clients and oversee things like billing and payments. It comes with a dashboard so you can view your sales, revenue and commission in real-time.

Sales and marketing kit

We’ll provide the infrastructure to help you with sales and digital marketing. Here you’ll have access to a welcome page template, registration forms, and an online shop with international payment capabilities. You’ll also be able to make useful marketing tools like newsletters and promotional emails.


Your students will be evaluated throughout, and if you’d like to certify learners who complete your course, we’ll provide the software to help you do so. Our certificates include optional features like digital signatures and ID verification.

B2B client toolkit

A dedicated space for your B2B clients. Here they can supervise learners’ progress, send communications, manage licenses, invoices, and generate reports. They can also create promotions, marketing materials, and track the success of each campaign.

Blended learning

You can also combine your course with face-to-face teaching. Our tool allows teachers to plan real-world lessons based on your online course. This creates a hybrid approach, combining the best of both face-to-face and digital learning. What’s more, we make it easy for teachers to track their students online progress.